Seattle Appliance Repair

Seattle Appliance Repair


There have been many suggestions as to what is the livewire that humans depend on to function best; the choices are quite many and all sufficiently good choices in their own stead. The argument is even more easily defined for homes; appliances are the live wire spoken of.

They are used for just about everything – temperature control, meals preparation and storage, chores completion and so ,much more. Simply put, if appliances are not running, the home stops running too.

Luckily now, if appliances stop running, it doesn’t have to stay so for too long because of us. We are DR Appliances and we are the doctors of your appliances.

The home, no matter how finely built, completed and fitted with the best possible appliances will one day require repairs – especially in the case of the appliances. This situation usually represents a huge headache for homeowners. But from now, whenever this headache crops up in any Seattle home, we are here to save the day.

From experience, most of our technicians and work people have come to agree that the most common line when an appliance develops some kind of fault is “I don’t know what went wrong” or “it just stopped working”. From experience too, we usually find out what went wrong and we know that appliances don’t just stop working, there must have been something or series of things wrong behind the scenes that finally manifested itself in that one big fault.


Our focus for Seattle appliance owners' pleasure is not just to repair their devices, but to give them the kind of service they would gladly regiment to others. How do we plan to do that? Give the best service they will ever receive. So from the phone call, email or any other contact point of the customers' choosing, we intend to make it the cream of the crop of experiences.

Our focus is not just on the repair state only – but every single step. From the phone call to the inspection or pickup down to the repair, return and refitting of fixed appliances, repairing appliances in Seattle must got a whole lot better.

Our expertise transcends all manners of appliances of different brands. No matter what fault they may exhibit and how long the problem has been running, it ends when we get a look at it. DR Appliances does not promise to perform magic in repairing appliances brought to us, but our expertise and experience tells us that we can fix any problems.


Many customers are worried that they may not find original parts to replace damaged ones in their devices and alliances. We feel this fear too for their sake, and as such we partner with respected dealers, manufacturers and parts makers to supply the best and most appropriate replacements for replacing damaged parts. From experience, substandard parts will always end up doing more harm than good, and we always advice customers to insist on only top quality parts – and that is only what we give them.


One of the most useful inventions of man to date is the refrigerator. With its aid, we can store just about any kind of food, drink, drugs and whatever needs to be stored. But sometimes the unimaginable happens and the refrigerator gets faulty. When this happens, there is no need describing what happens – food goes bad, drinks stay hot – you get the picture, things don’t work.

But that does not need to go on for too long because DR Appliances will fix most refrigerator faults the same day it is reported. No matter what kind of refrigerator it is, we have the solution.

If you ever need any refrigerator fixed in Seattle, let us know.


Dishwashers, clothes washing machines are two other appliances that homes find more useful than most. In fact, now that the sports season is more pronounced, there are many more dirty clothes to wash. Dirty dishes too abound aplenty with gatherings occurring more these days due to the fair weather, but what happens when washers fail? All hell breaks loose. Dirty clothes pile up, dishes remain unwashed. We fix all kinds of washers with all manners of faults in record time, so that our customers can have their lives and homes running properly in no time.


Air conditioners control the temperature and air flow in homes, useful especially in hot summer months and cold winter days. Running home to the comfort of the AC usually warms the heart of many when the thought happens upon them. But a broken AC is even worse than not having one in the first place. The home is made stuffy and unlivable for the owners. With our same-day response, DR appliance repair technicians will get to the root of the problem in no time and get it rectified immediately where possible. Blocked air ducts, empty gas chambers and hundreds more are the problems that can plague an AC unit.


When dryers go bad, understanding the source of the problem is not easy for a lay man, but our technicians will find and fix it in the blink of an eye and all will be taken care of.


Appliance owners (which is pretty much everyone) in Seattle need not fret about where to get excellent service for their faulty appliances, at DR Appliances Repair, we promise to give service that our customers will not only enjoy and thank us for, but which they will happily refer to others.

Contact us today.

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