Employment Opportunities
Employment Opportunities

It is natural that to be able to enjoy life, you must have a stable career that you love to support your family needs and your financial stability. Are you a talented individual who specializes in the appliance repair industry? Definitely, you are the one that we are currently looking for. We are the leading and highly respected repair company when it comes to providing professional and quality repair services.

DR Appliance is a reliable and reputable company that offers excellent repair services towards many valuable customers for many years. We understand that a successful company must be composed of highly competitive individuals that can perform in an efficient and professional manner. We are glad to include you as one of our competitive and productive people who can surely give an excellent work performance to every customer.

Why you should join our team?

-We provide you with a satisfying ongoing training that can widely improve and develop your various skills in this industry.

-We also offer competitive salaries that you will surely be thankful for.

-We have the best team that has a family-like relationship towards each member.

-We are a company that is highly committed to excellence to provide many opportunities both for our customers as well as our team members.

-We have the best code of ethics and values as well as working standards that can develop your good personality and talents.

Excellent Career that Awaits You

Customer Service Representative

-  Service Technician

- Support Personnel

- Managers


-Can deal with different kinds of people

-Disciplined and has good communication skills

-Can work in an efficient and professional manner

-Enthusiastic and passionate in performing our services

-Never shirks any responsibility in the working area

-Has a positive attitude and can is definitely a team player

-Has good verbal and non-verbal communication skills

-Punctual and has a strong desire to complete every task with minimal supervision

Establish a Fruitful Career with Us!

In our many years of experience in the appliance repair industry, we already know various techniques and innovative solutions to further improve our quality services for our loyal and supportive customers. We are composed of professional individuals that really work together as a united team. We are presently looking for other professionals that can add more life to our company and can help us in meeting the satisfaction, happiness and standards of our clients. You are welcome in our good company. With us, your can have a chance to put your dreams into reality.

As one of the leading companies in the industry of appliance repair, we are always eager to offer you with our best training programs that can hone your talents as well as personality while serving many customers that we are partnering with.

DR Appliance is a company that has a mission of helping our team members to attain a satisfying and successful career by simply performing their job that they truly love- the appliance repair work. What are you waiting for? Join our team now and transform your life into a high degree of success with your new career!                


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